Week-long Challenge #2- What Kind of Animal Am I?

A multitude of factors play into what sort of animal you resemble. Most of the time, it bases strongly off of “animal stereotypes“. Yes, you judgmental human you, you have subconsciously created stereotypes for animals that help you to make connections between them and the human world. For example, everyone knows that the beaver is hard-working, and that the owl is wise, and that the mouse is timid. Using these attributes, it becomes a bit easier to compare, but it is still nevertheless a challenge. Perhaps you have the aggressiveness of, say, a wolf, but you have that secret quite side that likes to read romance novels, sort of like a kitten. Here is where we run into a problem: there is no such thing as a wolf-cat. We could make reference to the perhaps-not-so-imaginary werecat, but the werecat takes more aggressive maneuvers in life as compared to his cat alter ego. So, are we then forced to be slaves to the internet tests telling us which animals we are? Or is it instead better to ignore these evaluations and think for ourselves? I say if you want to be a wolf-cat then all the power to you, if you want to be a bluebird-earthworm, then have at it! Why not use the animal stereotypes to manufacture these imaginary creatures so that they may fit better to us?

So, if I were to compare myself to anything, and forge an imaginary animal in light of my personality, I would probably be a deer-owl, with no preference over the deer nor the owl. I am certainly not wise, but I feel a certain connection between an owl and myself. As for the deer, a deer is timid, but not the sort of pathetic timid like a mouse is (sorry mouse people).

What creature are you?

2 thoughts on “Week-long Challenge #2- What Kind of Animal Am I?

  1. Yes please this.
    In fact, I’d extrapolate to all internet tests, people are unique and complicated and…strangely obsessed with the need to “be” like something else. To represent someone or something else like some silly mask. More specifically, we /share traits/ with fictional people or personifications of animals, but we are not just like them. For now, I’ll settle with scoffing pretentiously at anyone who posts silly internet test results to facebook.

    /Red-blue Ravenclaw Stark Dragon out.

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    1. I’m glad someone else finds fault with these Internet tests. And also, excuse my writing if I came across with the fact that people exactly resemble these animals, and not just take to faint resemblances. I should hope I am not as timid as a deer.


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