Week-long Challenge #2- Music Interests

When it comes to music, my interests can be sharpened down into one easy sentence: I like anything but country and rap.
Easy, right?
Now I’m not saying that I spend my day listening to Nicki Minaj or anything, it’s just that country and rap absolutely don’t work for me.
As for music I do listen to, I prefer alternative/indie. Pop is something that I can listen to without wanting to leave the room it is playing in, but it is not the first choice.
Something you should know: I am not by any means a music junkie. Some people love to listen to music 24/7, know a ton of bands, and are whizzes when it comes to musical trivia. This is not me. I like to listen to music, and Im into one or two bands (My Chemical Romance), but I’m not all about music. Another way to look at it: If it’s good, I’ll listen, if it’s not, I’m still forced to listen, but I will not enjoy it.


Great song

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