Week-long Challenge #2- An Over-Detailed Description of Brushing Your Teeth

You quietly sip your tea as you read the latest edition of your favorite magazine. A gentle pitter patter of rain can be heard outside. A wrist/head tilt is conducted in unison to see it’s 9:30 pm.
It’s time.
The tea remains on the end table and you slide the bookmark into place as you stand up and walk eagerly to the bathroom.
You instinctively reach for the light switch in the dark room of the porcelain king and flick on the lights that hang above the mirror. The tension grows as you reach for the brush, and as you hold the brush, you grab the already-open tube of toothpaste and skillfully apply the exact amount needed to fit your needs. The handle of the faucet creaks when you turn it to release a stream of cold water from the spout, but when the brush is submerged, the bit of toothpaste falls off into the sink where you see it swirl down into the drain.
You try again, but this time you don’t turn the handle as far, so the pressure isn’t as great.
The head of the brush makes its journey to your mouth, and is then entered into the far back end of your oral cavity. You furiously brush the molars and the surrounding gums and then proceed to the front where the brushing continues. This goes on for a bit until the mental timer in your head clicks, and you then lower the brush down into the sink to be washed off. You flick the excess water from the brush and return it to its original position. Immediately after, you crane your neck down to the running stream and fill up your cheeks with water, swishing it around the parts of your mouth. You spit out this water, and repeat the process once more before smiling happily into the mirror. The smile remains on your face until you walk out of the bathroom, turn off the lights, and proceed to bed with a satisfied and clean feeling.

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