Week-long Challenge #2- Writer’s Block

Hmm… writer’s block… I can’t seem to think of anything to write about it…
Writer’s block comes in many different shapes and sizes, all of them an ugly green color and a size too large. Some people get stuck trying to muster up something people will enjoy, or something that works well with a select picture. Even worse, however, is when there is a block for no reason at all and you sit there dumbfounded with your mouth gaping trying to tell your brain to do something, and you can actually feel the block. I’m convinced it is a physical thing, a block in the pathway. Well, obviously not, but it sure feels like it.
As for cures for writer’s block,  I would not be the person to ask for the best help, seeing how I haven’t been writing for that long. Someone more experienced at conquering this fiend would be better suited at offering advice, but if I had to give advice, it would be to stop writing and come back later.

Well, this marks the end of the 2nd week-long challenge! It actually flew by extremely fast this time around, which is great because it might mean I am getting better at something with writing, or perhaps I am just writing poor quality blogs. Thanks for those who followed this jazz; ’tis greatly appreciated!

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