Our Generation

So earlier today I was overhearing a conversation (note that I was indeed overhearing and not eavesdropping) between a man and my mother regarding our generation. They were talking about how our generation, despite having outstanding intellectual capabilities and school smarts, lack common sense. I agree with them for about 85% of their claim, but for the other 15% I find unfairness with. First off, we are kids. The point of being a kid is to learn all of this common sense and street smarts before we go out into the real world and find out how bad it sucks, so throwing all that blame on us before we even get the chance to learn it is like sitting around a new born chicken trying to coax and egg out of it. Give us time, and we will learn.

I also overhear about how unlucky our generation is. How we can’t get Coke for a nickle and how we are victims to the beast that is social media. Again, my degree of agreement is partial. We do have it a bit tougher, in a social sense, since we are vulnerable not only to the physical world, but also the digital world. I feel like there is a relationship between how the economy is and how people view our generation. If times get tough, then it is dumped all on us, which is true, since we will be inheriting the future. However, just like the generations of the past, we will adapt to change, and deal with whatever our crazy society has to offer to us, because what is the other option?

There was my little rant about our generation, which I may look back at when I am my older, wiser self and scold myself for, but who cares? That’s what being a kid is about.

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