The American Plan

With my Junior year starting, and high school slowly but quickly coming to an end, its time to start thinking about colleges and what career I want to pursue.

Or is it?

This idea, that every student is required, and more or less expected, to do well in school and then go on to college and make money with a higher degree of education, has become a social standard for many people. If you fall short of these standard, well, then you are just “sub-par” or “wont go on to do anything worth-while”. I feel like there is something wrong with how society is driving this train, a train that no matter how many passengers it has, it will always be going down the same set of tracks. This idea that everyone must go to college also leads to other issues, like how people are not the same financially, and how unless the “paper-you” doesn’t look good with all of the high SAT/ACT scores, you might not get the college you want, or that if you don’t do any of these things at all, then, well… what next?

Don’t get me wrong, if you know me personally (and if you don’t by the way I would love to meet you not in the creepy way but ya…), you know that I value education and do rather well in school, and that I probably want to go to college, but I also see that this is not the case for everyone, and the alternate paths are risky and might be less economically rewarding than others, and that just seems unfair. If it were up to me, in my current phase of life (school, school, study, run, run, eat, sleep, stress, worry) I would give anything to play video games for a profession, but I have to be realistic, I will probably never play in the Worlds championship for League of Legends, much to my despair, much less become a professional League of Legends player (or I will and that would be the best thing ever who needs homework I’ll just play LoL in my free time). Well, coming back off of that tangent, I think you see what I mean.

I feel like by setting all of these standards, ones that are even subtlety taught in school, you waste potential for people who want to do other things, and set different goals in life, and not conform to the standards that are set.

And to that, I raise my glass to opinions, recognized or not.


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