NHS Leadership Essay

Had to whip up this essay on leadership, and since I hate narcissistic writing, it turned out to be quite the essay.

Here ya go:

Ever since the first people formed groups, since civilizations were built and the walls of empires rose to greatness, leadership is what the people of the community looked for on what to do and how to do it. This search for leadership is not just a want, however. Without someone who knows what is best for the people, who knows how to govern with peace and empathy, among other things, the people will turn against each other and the once great civilization will be torn apart from civil strife. So, the role as a leader emerged in society, and from then on people turned their eyes toward both leaders who abused their power and those who followed what was best for the people. Today, the idea of leadership is infused into the minds and hearts of kids everywhere, both passively through media and actively through “workshops” or “group activities”. If anything can be learned from these activities is that if the meek truly do inherit the earth, you should watch out, because there is no shortage of meek people. This leads to the question of how to breed a population of shy young adults into leaders that are assertive and demanding when need be. The problem with this idea is why do we need, on an academic level such as a person of office in a high school, or even as a kid, this quality of strict decision? In my eyes, the ones who observe, the ones who watch the mistakes of all the other leaders and see how the people react, the ones who learn what is best for people by watching, are the best leaders, and, when it comes down to it, who the people need.

Sure, having a timid leader, or one that cannot make decisions by themselves because they are too indecisive is not a good thing, but having the other extreme is another problem. The way to lead is by finding the happy medium that allows you to use characteristics such as assertion, decision, observation, humbleness, and kindness so that they coexist peacefully. As for my own leadership capabilities, I believe in what I have already addressed, but that doesn’t make me a leader. A person with opinions is just a person with potential for becoming a good leader, but putting those opinions into act with the goal of putting the needs of the people before yourself is what makes that person a leader. At my age, I can claim to know what leaderships is, or that I exemplify the characteristics of a leader, but my knowledge is only based on what little experience I have (in the grand scheme). However, with this experience and knowledge that I do have, I do my best to lead when I need to lead, and observe when I need to observe, because without thought and observation, not much can be learned, and without learning, the ability to lead correctly is lost.

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