The Preservation of Peace, Order and Liberty

Had to write about a quote for English class, so I decided to share it with you lovely folks:

The Preservation of Peace, Order and Liberty

            Information is the pulse of a population. The craving for information is intrinsic to those who strive to learn as much as they can, to pass on the knowledge accumulated in a lifetime and then die, with wishes to have an imprint on what is to come. Such is the nature of the human race, to preserve and gain information so that our generations may thrive in harmony, and preserve peace in times of war, order in times of chaos, and liberty in times of injustice. It is in the best interest for knowledge to be handed down, and should be treated as an invaluable portal to past mistakes and lessons learned, for without this insight into what history explains is wrong, the population is destined to make the same mistakes over again. It is the best idea, then, to give the mass of people all of the information, all of the knowledge to preserve the liberty which our nation’s fathers have established for the country, because if that information is lost, then the democracy which relies on the people to foster it will be diminished, and the peace, order, and liberty which had been sustained will be lost as well. It is the responsibility for members of an educated society to use their information for the promotion and preservation of education, and to protect the peace, order, and liberty previously established within the democracy.

The need to inform the community, both on a local and on a national scale, about preserving peace and order is as important as the very act of preserving them in the first place. The ideas that presided at the time of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were these very ideas, and were instilled into each and every member of this relatively new nation of the United States of America, for the spirit of independence burned within each of the educated members of society. This spirit seems to be a long-forgotten item, though, for the liberty which was once fought so fiercely for in the government is often taken advantage of now, so imagining a world without relative peace and order, a world in which liberty is not handed down on a silver platter, is difficult. Therefore, without those to inform us of how precious this freedom really is, order and peace will be abused by those who are uneducated of the past, and that freedom will be taken away like a toy from a child. Liberty is not something to be trifled with. It is something which governments are based off of, which people fight and die for, and which the abuse of means the end of what the educated have come to appreciate. Education is what will save liberty. It is the responsibility, then, for the educated to inform those who are not, and thus continue this deep appreciation of what is at hand, as to preserve the peace and order within the population, for without it, peace and order itself will crumble.


Opinions are welcome, and critique is appreciated!

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