Thoughts on College and Where I’m Headed

So its finally that time in my life where I have to start thinking about what in the world I am going to do once I get out of high school, and consequently, my parents are urging me to talk to them about what I want to do, and what colleges I am looking  at. I have found that the phrase “I have no idea” is the staple of my existence at this point in time, and is constantly referred to when I have any doubts. It holds so much truth, though.

All my life I have been convinced I wanted to go into some sort of science field, and I still probably will, but the primary science related fields such as chemical engineering or petroleum engineering or any of those booming industries probably aren’t for me, despite my legacy of loving science tells me.

I really am taking a dislike to chemistry, as I have found as I trek through AP Chemistry this year. I hate stoichiometry with a burning passion, and that is a staple in chemistry, and all of the intangibility of chemistry annoys me. I know the reaction is concurring, here is the precipitate, here is the balanced chemical equation, but I want to see the molecules and compounds do it. PROVE IT TO ME.

So, I would naturally like physics much better. It is there, you can imagine the scenario much better, it makes much more sense. It is way more interesting, also, even the things you can’t see, like how things will interact when high velocity particles are launched at some sort of substance, breaking it down into in simplest components and revealing the way atoms interact, or looking into the cosmos to uncover the origins of our universe. I suppose this is kind of like chemistry in the sense that you can’t see it, but its just so much more interesting in my opinion. I do have a certain fancy for organic chemistry, however. I think its just so fascinating how, on the molecular level, atoms and molecules interact to produce life. I don’t want to pursue a career in biology, however, at least so I think. Again: “I have no idea”.

Recently, I have been really interested in pursuing an education in some sort of UI or game development because I feel like I would enjoy that, and I just really want to do something I enjoy so I don’t have to face the rest of my life doing something I hate. That would be the worst scenario.

There are some certainties, however, in my life ahead of me. I will NOT be an early childhood educator such as a kindergarten teacher/elementary school teacher/middle school teacher, but do have interests in being a professor after I hopefully retire. I will also NOT pursue a degree/career in law or business, and I will NOT have anything to do with anything that involves doctors/surgeons/dentists or anything of that nature. For those of you who are in these fields, especially early education, I commend you and you should be the highest paid workers in the country.

As the days get longer in school and the work becomes more like the ticking of a clock instead of actual learning, I begin to question the education system. If the objective of high school is to learn enough to pursue a career you enjoy, and then go on to raise a family and make money, retire, see your grandchildren, watch game shows in the evening with your husband/wife and live life in happiness with someone you love, why is everything so strict and why is everyone so serious, and why can’t everyone just love each other and get along and accept everyone and not compete and not do any of these things that hinder us from living our lives to the fullest potential? As my previous Civics teacher would say: “Makes ya wonder”.

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