The Cruel Truth

So at a lecture I was at about robotics last Saturday, I walked in to meet my friend and we were kind of looking at our phones and avoiding other people as per usual when the guys who runs the program (not the person/people who give(s) the lectures) walks up on stage and tell us that […]

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Tis the Season

Ah yes, that glorious time in the student’s year right before Thanksgiving break when the seemingly frantic rushing of teachers to complete their lesson plans results in the overwhelming influx of information and tests which is crammed down our throats in a hope to teach us something, when all that is on our minds, honestly, is […]

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Cross Country Banquet 2014

Well, it is officially over. The cross country season which started right after the track season ended, and finished officially today at the banquet, has been quite the ride. From running aimlessly around the back roads of my rural township in the preseason to lining up for the States meet and running with some of […]

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Llama Wool Jacket

So yesterday I purchased this jacket from one of those kiosks in the mall that was being run by a mother and her son (probably) and you could tell they were native american which was pretty cool because they were probably locally run and stuff. It was a solid $45, which isn’t bad for how […]

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So today at Stage Crew…

So, we were running through one of the busiest scenes in Clue the Musical, and the fire alarm starts blazing. Everyone kind of just keeps going for a bit, people continue to scurry around backstage to get to where they need to be, not paying much attention to the beeping. This only continues for about […]

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Penn State Nuclear Facility Visit

So today, I woke up at the crack of dawn to go to Penn State Beaver to tour the nuclear reactor facility that is on campus with this Westinghouse Science Honors program. So we get there and attend some lectures, including an especially interesting one on exoplanets, and eventually get to go see the reactor […]

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