So today at Stage Crew…

So, we were running through one of the busiest scenes in Clue the Musical, and the fire alarm starts blazing. Everyone kind of just keeps going for a bit, people continue to scurry around backstage to get to where they need to be, not paying much attention to the beeping. This only continues for about 10 seconds though, followed up by that whole phase of wonder, not from the fact that the fire alarm was going off, but that the school was empty that day due to Veterans Day, meaning this was probably not a drill. So we all crowd into the hallway from the stage and make our way outside, and we conveniently catch our principal as he was about to take off from the scene (pun completely intended). All of the cast was all dressed up still, and for some reason Mrs. White still had a candle stick in her hand, so we were quite the spectacle.

Apparently our principal didn’t know that the alarm was going off, and here is an abridged description of what happened:

Director: “Hey the fire alarm is going off.”

Principal: “Oh, you kiddin’ me?”

Director and cast and crew: “Nope.”

*Principal hands director master key*

Principal: “Ya the fire department should be here soon.”

*Principal drives away*

-The End-

So ya it was an interesting day at musical practice.

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