The Cruel Truth

So at a lecture I was at about robotics last Saturday, I walked in to meet my friend and we were kind of looking at our phones and avoiding other people as per usual when the guys who runs the program (not the person/people who give(s) the lectures) walks up on stage and tell us that he is going to enlighten us with one of those “Santa Claus isn’t real and here is scientific evidence why it is very unlikely for him to exist” speeches which is very entertaining in my opinion. Anyways, as I listen, I look a few rows in front of me and see this kid, obviously from his stature and his body language not of our age but around those prime years of 10 or so when Santa Claus is a figure who brings happiness and jolly-good spirits to every holiday, and not our parents or guardians. Anyways, I look over to my friend and point it out and we both realize the same thing:

This is it. Its over for him.

So the man continues talking about how fast Santa would need to fly, and if he reached those speeds required to deliver that many presents in one night he would be reduced to a pulp by the g-force and how he would have only fractions of a second to unload his sleigh, go down the chimney, pack the presents, eat, and go back up to do that millions of more times. He gives a bunch of other awesome stats that I can’t remember, but at the end he tops it off with something like “So, if Santa was real…” and my friend told me he heard an almost inaudible “What?” sound resonate from that poor young lad who had his spirits broken that Saturday morning, unless he doesn’t care what that guys says or if the person next to him, probably his sister, told him otherwise.

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