Ezreal Baron Steal

*Notices enemy team is missing towards end of game* Me: “Hey, I’m gonna ult Baron”       <– (no vision was used in the making of this play, all rights reserved) Andrew” “Aight go for it” *waiting…waiting…waiting…* <Vexed Mind (Ezreal) has slain Baron Nashor!> Me: *gasping for air*   *shaking* *chat goes wild* So … More Ezreal Baron Steal

Happy Holidays!

Since I will be spending time with family the next few days, and up to other things, I just decided to make this one post for the entire holiday season, including new years, just in case I’m not able to! I hope that you don’t even see this post but instead are spending time with … More Happy Holidays!


The icy wind howls, Or is it: The cool wind blows? The frightening chill, And the agonizing cold, Is what makes winter great, For it strengthens the appreciation of Warmth, comfort, and safety, Items of convenience that are often taken for granted. It is the sled rides with friends, The snowball fights with neighbors, And … More Winter

Christmas Break

Yes folks, the time is finally here again. “Its the most wonderful time of the year” as many other great composers have put it, but I could go for a bit of snow if I do say so myself. It seems that every year, although I may still be on break, it really is just … More Christmas Break