Water Faucet Theory

So, there I was, in my bathroom. Nothing special, just washing my hands or something. After I shut the faucet off and the stream disappeared almost instantaneously, I began to wonder and imagine. I believe that, upon turning the handle to access the water that the faucet gives you, the tip of the faucet creates a parallel universe with the other end of the “stream” or the piece of metal that you can close to fill up your sink (I know there is a word for it I just can’t put my finger on it). This parallel universe consists of water only, and the contained field reveals that other universe while the handle is activated, and when you go to put your hands in it, the illusion of it bending and distorting is due to a force field around the sink that tricks silly humans like us and that plumbers are actually wizard-scientists with unknown powers.

Hahaha just kidding I’m sure that plumbers aren’t wizards… *cough*…. um haha ya not anything like that…

They are watching us.

Ok I promise that I’m not insane or anything I swear, my mind just likes to drift sometimes….

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