Rubidium Rap

So we are getting some new living room furniture… and you may be asking yourself: “Why in the world do I give a darn about this kid’s living room?” Well do I have an answer for you.

In our living room there was this cabinet where we kept a bunch of school stuff and artsy craftsy stuff and there was a ton of papers from when I was younger, like Jr. High School younger. I was rumbling through this trash bag my mother threw away (I guess my feelings and connections don’t matter but whatevs) and I came across this gem. We had to, for our 7th grade science class, write this rap about an element, and I was either assigned or picked rubidium. Probably assigned because I mean its rubidium, who knows anything about rubidium? Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you. Please keep in mind I was younger so my rap skills, although still on point, were not as sharp as they are now… like a cow… I was like wow… and now I know who, where, and how yo… word… (sorry)

The Rubidium Rap

The proton number is 37, find me in Alkali Metals,

Used to detect ages when the radioactivity settles.

Neutron #38, ain’t no mistaken,

I conduct electricity when the sun is out and bakin’.

I’m cubic in structure and solid at room temp,

Used to craft atomic clocks that you hang up in your basement.

I’m tricky to store, catching fire when exposed to oxygen,

that wouldn’t be so pretty for my founder, R. Bunsen.

Melting point is 102.002 deg. Fahrenheit,

Obtained by passing electricity through rubidium chloride.

Obviously I’m a metal, my properties I can’t hide,

I’m also found in a crystal which contain Rb, Mn, and fluorine.

If you couldn’t tell by now, well I don’t know what to say,

I’ll just have to introduce myself, rubidium’s the name.



Just so ya know this was unabridged straight from the notebook. Kept every silly grammar error.

It was more of an identification rap, so I mean its kind of mysterious and stuff…

Anyways, hope you enjoyed that, my mix tape* drops this spring, and shout out to my boys the halogens. Keep it real.

*I don’t plan on having a mix tape, and certainly not “dropping” one to the public, so sorry.

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