Tips on Gift Wrapping

So I’m gonna let you guys in on a few tips and tricks on how to use the least amount of wrapping paper this holiday season, but still have the wrapping look good. Or just test it out to see if its valid because you are a curious cat. Either way.

So. First off, this description will work for rectangular/square shaped gifts, so if you got unlucky and got stuck with one of those really awkward obtuse gifts, I’m so sorry.

This following equation is credited to Warwick Dumas, who we should thank:

A = 2 (a*b + a*c + b*c + c^2)

So ya, that probably didn’t help to much, but that is there minimum area needed to wrap a box, with sides a, b, and c with just enough overlap.


A more practical way to go about it is to first measure the height and length of the box (so the dimensions of the smaller rectangles on each side of the box). Take those numbers, say it is 2 by 3, and add them together twice, so 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 = 10. Then, add 2 to this number to account for the overlap, so 10 + 2 = 12. This is your length.

For the width, take the width of your box, say its 10, and add half of the box’s height, 1.5 (assuming that 2 is the height), the add 2 for overlap. So, 13.5 would be the width.

I trust you wrapping skills from this point to know how to properly wrap a present, so I leave you with that.

Hope it was helpful, and if there any errors let me know, and any questions can be directed to the comments.


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