Manners: How They Have Changed

So, cruising in my car yesterday, driving like any other driver would, and I tuned in to NPR because nothing was good music wise. They had someone on talking about manners, and just like always, NPR satiated my need to listen to something besides the hum of the tires as I drove.

In earlier days, the conventions and manners that we use today we almost required in social situations, due to how much more violent things were. A simple handshake to verify trust or using manners while eating with someone else made much more of an impact on how people looked at you. They emphasized how important manners at meal-time were, and how much things have changed… cell phones obviously being the biggest threat to modern day dinner tables.

Personally, I completely agree with this statement about cell phones. It kind of annoys me when I am out eating with some friends and nobody wants to talk because they are on their cell phones. I know my mom always drilled this concept into me, so I would do well to uphold to these standards that transcend both space and time in my generation but are always violated in some way.

I am not a professional with manners, mostly because I’m human, but I always try to be kind to people because you never know if that is the last time you will get to see them, and festering guilt is the worst.

Well, this concludes day one of the week-long writing challenge. Thanks for tuning in!

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