New Year’s Resolution 2014-2015

Ah, the dreaded new year’s resolution. Whether it be to lose a few pounds or be nicer to your peers, this self-enacted deal that you end up posting about on Instagram will let everybody know about about the “new you”.

So, just like I did… wow… I think it was 2 years ago… when I first starting blogging on good ol’ Blogspot…. I will continue this blog as a part of a resolution with myself.

In addition, I would like to read more than I do now, for I don’t read as much as I should.

Well, that was quite exciting. Maybe I should spice things up a bit like try to go skydiving or to go bear hunting with just a knife, or better yet spend a week in the wilderness by myself with no food or water and just a candle and have to hunt to survive.

Or I could just read.

Ill stick with that.

Last year’s resolution

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