Might be Going Mad

What a curious feeling, to laugh hysterically for no reason but, even though your mind is almost blank. I’ve been kind of in that sort of stage between being really sad sometimes, but other times finding things completely hilarious. I think it’s a lack of sleep. My motivation has almost bottomed, but I have spurs […]

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Team (Enter MLG League Name Here)

I’m excited to say my plans have finally worked. I have convinced a group of my friends to play League of Legends, so that we may one day go pro and rek-all-of-the-m8’s around. (Please note I can indeed spell) Every night spent not doing anything is now a night full of playing League, which I am extremely […]

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Today, when I was reading some LotR, I realized I am much more interested in the history of Middle Earth and LotR lore than history in real life. There’s that…. Probably not good but yeahhh.

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So I think I’ve been doing the whole sleep thing wrong. I always tell myself I will get more sleep when I get the chance, but there is one problem: Every night that I have available to me, I spend playing League until 1-2 in the morning. Then in the morning I’m like, whelp, whoops, […]

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Back From the Grave

Well, midterms are over. Can’t say I’m 100% content with my performance, but that is in the past, and all I can do now is learn from what I didn’t do right. The midterm session drops me off into a four day weekend, which is kind of poisonous I think. Many more assignments were given, […]

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