Describing the Moment

The whole lot of us, sitting in the medium sized lodge while skiers and boarders alike zip past outside below us. Unknown the movie plays on the cathode TV, and the fireplace has been slain. I sit in the back at the table where a card game went unfinished due to our draining tolerance, with my computer in front of me and Huck Finn to the left of it. This conglomeration of families gathered here to celebrate the new year make it seem like a family event, with everyone close to one another on the furniture that is curved around an open corner of the room, and it is very nice. I am forced to type on my phone due to the lack of Internet connection, which is quite cumbersome.
Oh, some bad guys just got killed. The crowd approves.

A very great movie, I would defiantly reccomend.

Anyways, that was an attempt to lay out what was happening in my world at this moment, and it would have been more extensive if I could be using a keyboard, and if I weren’t quite so tired and if this movie wasn’t so good so yeahhh.

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