The Radius Story

It was the summer of a year of my early childhood. Not like 9 or 10 but maybe early teens. I was at the public pool like I was any other normal day in the summer, and some people were playing basketball, like usual. (Please note I was a pure baller in my younger days, but not much has carried over). Anyways, I was going up for a shot from the spot in the back of the court, where it was an honor to make it from, and this kid came up and stuffed me. The ball probably didn’t even get a chance to leave my hand before his arm came flying down into the ball. It hurt. Like really bad. I didn’t cry though, because you just don’t cry around a bunch of people, ya know? I did sit down for a considerable amount of time and concentrated on not crying, which I guess was pretty noble. This pain lasted longer than it should have, honestly, and I told my mom about this persistent pain in my right forearm, and how tender it was to the touch but she said it was probably just sore, so I let off about it for awhile. In that “while”, I suffered from not being able to use my right arm for quite some time at its full potential. One of the events I remember quite clearly was a triathlon I ran with this “pain” in my arm. I had to dive off of the block for the swimming portion with only my good arm out in front, and while running I had my bad arm cradled to my body at all times from pain, but not to brag *cough* I ended up winning despite being the last one out of the water. I guess all of those years of biking and my rage from being in absolutely dead last really gave me the strength to really push it on the biking part, because I ended up taking the lead from then on.

I digress.

Turns out, my radius was fractured. Yup. I got a fractured radius… from being stuffed so hard with a basketball.

It isn’t something I’m 100% proud of, but its a cool story nevertheless.

My mom was kind of embarrassed that she let her son go this long without a cast of his arm, but that’s just one of those funny family stories both her and I can tell to people.

So yeah, hi. I am Gregory Nero, and I once got stuffed so bad my radius broke. Nice to meet you.

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