Choosing A Career

Ahh, the ominous dark cloud hanging over my head. Choosing what I will do with my life. It is a big decision, one that requires much stressing and worrying and more than an abundant amount of time. This is peculiar, because I should be able to pick something that I like and then base a career off of it. So why is it so hard?

I wish I knew. I think its because I’m interested in so many things, and giving up on on of the things I love to embrace the other(s) is something I just can’t foresee. I need something that combines everything like, that pays well, and I enjoy what I do.

Or I could spontaneously grow a third eye.

This is extremely hard, as I have heard from my elders, but, as everyone knows and has heard from advisers: You should do something that makes you happy. I wish I knew what made me truly happy, job wise.

So the search will persist, and I will perspire to gain a new perspective on what I really want to do with my life. So wish me luck.

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