A Look Into The Future

Periodically, if I have nothing better to do but daydream about things to come, I envision earth centuries and centuries from now. I think off all of the problems that we will can potentially have: overpopulation, lack of resources, disease, etc.

But one image always comes into my mind of when we, as a civilization, will have to deal with the Sun dying. What in the world are we going to do? We can’t do anything about it, (yet) and unless we find another inhabitable planet or are able to sustain ourselves in spaceships, the entire human race will be eliminated along with all of the hopes, dreams, and hard work put in by everyone that lived or has lived. Even typing this gives me a sense of surrealism that I don’t want to accept, but it is bound to happen eventually, not for a very long time, but eventually.

Just imagine the society at that time: Will worries still be centered around politics and finance? Will the government do anything differently than they are now? What is stopping riots and violence from erupting on an entire planet that is doomed to be destroyed? Anarchy will emerge from those who still want power, and society will be chaotic, to say the least.

Or I could be wrong.

What if everyone, every single human soul, came together to work at a solution? Billions of minds all centered around one focal point to conjure a solution. Is it still impossible to survive?

I hope not.

Now, flash back to reality because talking about that is kind of depressing. Getting lost in scenarios can be a dangerous thing.

Anyways, I hope you folks enjoyed this rendition of the week-long writing challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

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