Great News!

Turns out that even though my blog is blocked by the school’s wifi, I can still post things through WordPress. Yay. It was probably blocked due to all of the offensive content and the nudity contained within every post. Or because of the harsh sarcasm. That’s also a possibility.


This is to everyone who I was ever unkind too, or made angry, or did anything that was offensive. I am sorry. Just had to get that off of my chest.

The Eclipse

The Earth and the Moon, Celestial Bodies floating in equality, Share but one common source from which to thrive. The Sun grants the Opportunity, and both accept its radiance, But it is the Earth that is greater, more worthy. Why, in the midst of such chances, does the Earth excel, While the Moon is left … More The Eclipse

Day 2- WPIALs 2015

Dropped 2 seconds or so in my 100 breaststroke, coming in at 1:05.92, which is pretty solid! Again, great job to everyone today, especially Logan Palochak with the win in the 100 backstroke, with a time of 51.16.

The Struggle

Going to bed late and having to wake up early is the cycle I live by right now, and I’m not sure how much I enjoy it, but it happens so oh well, I do this to myself.