One Moon

I always try to keep my blinds up over night. I don’t live anywhere where I have the problem of worrying about people looking through my window, but I’m sure if the chance was there, the ladies would be all over that. Jk. Anyways.

The primary reason I do this is because of the moonlight. I have this thing with light, you see. If lighting in a room isn’t just right, or the light is “off colored” (I’m not sure how else to describe it), my mood is affected. Natural light is the best wavelength, and that stupid yellow gross disgusting fake wanna-be-cool light that people have in their homes with the thick carpet and captivating couches and blahhhhh. I can’t even handle it. I like my natural light, lets just say that. (LEDs aren’t that bad, but not the best).

The best light I could ask for is the moonlight. There is something about it that is just so… mystically entrancing? Calming? I’m not sure how to describe it either. All I can hope for is to see the moon right before I go to sleep, gazing at it through my window, perhaps some snow is falling, but there is no clouds, and the trees are swaying, and you can hear the wind just a little, and all is good with the world. (I understand the impossibility of this situation, but it’s nice to think about).

I began to think about the moon last night. That one moon. Everybody shares it. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, or how popular you are, or what kind of life you have lived… the moon isn’t going to change for you. I could be staring at the moon at the same time Kim Kardashian is, but that doesn’t make the moon any more special just because another set of mortal eyes is set upon it. It is a humbling thing to think about.

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