Deep Thoughts in French Class

So you know that thing where you are going to open your notebook and you start from the back for no good reason and flip to the front from the back because it appears to be easier? And even though you could just flip right to the page from the front and get straight to the point, you do the page flip thing anyways?

I thought about life that moment in French class. We probably got done playing Je Suis, which is bingo for some awful reason I never really understood. I think its because if it was “Bingo” we would all call in “Bongo” in the French accent and that would be weird, but anyways, Je Suis makes no sense and the “bonbons” make my mouth dry so I don’t really play but just kinda sit there and quiz myself with the vocab and… think about life I guess. And eat. I love to eat in French.

But as I was saying, I think life is like that notebook. You spend all that time flipping through useless, blank crap just to get to the good stuff, the things that actually matter. Like Chapter 5 vocab. Or Happiness. I would choose happiness, though.

I am really craving some The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. <– Probably my favorite movie by the way.

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