Finding Family

So today in yet another one of my “blank-stare-but-I’m-actually-thinking” moments, I thought about how my family has roots in Italy and to a lesser degree Croatia, and I started to try to comprehend how even though I have family in those parts of the world, we know almost nothing about each other, despite the fact that if it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be here. It’s really disturbing how tomorrow, both of these halves of our family will go another day without knowing each other exist. What if I have a super cool Italian relative that I don’t even know about?

I have determined that I will someday go and find my long-lost family and reunite the two halves through technology. Yes, technology can have a useful impact on our world today. Whoda thought.

But what if I can’t find them? What if we are permanently separated due to time and loss of connections? There will be a part of my heritage missing forever! What a thought! No, I must find them, and I will.

Hopefully they are cool and stuff and actually believe me if I try to convince them we are related. That would be awkward. Just walk up and be like “Heyyy we are related can I chill here? Thanks.” that wouldn’t work so well I think. I just really want to find them. I want them to know that there is this other half. I want to complete this puzzle.

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