Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Yeah… It kinda sucks.

So it turns out that any aspirations I had for this track season are essentially thrown out the window thanks to ITBS.

Who would have thought that not being able to run could be so painful? It’s an odd concept, but to see everyone else being able to run and advance and make the best of the season while I’m injured is heart wrenching. I had so many plans and goals this year, and although the season isn’t over and I still might be able to run, I know I will not be able to accomplish all that I would have liked to. All I can do now is hope that physical therapy gets me up and running again. As of now I can bike and do various other non-impact exercises, and stretch, but it’s not the same. I pray that this doesn’t affect my cross country training, but instead motivate me to make the most of my health, if and when it does come back around.

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