Day 3

Well, the beast has been slain. The 80+ mile-er, the hills like you’ve never seen before, and riding on four lane highways were just a few experiences I got to *cough* enjoy today. I’ve developed a minor fear for dogs, as can be seen by my flinching every time I hear one bark, and I’ve […]

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Day 2

Well, it didn’t rain. That’s always good. I got an exclusive look at all of the wonderful country land Lancaster and it’s surrounding territories had to offer, and let me be the first to say you aren’t missing much. Just crops, the smell of manure, and the occasional horse and buggy. And wind, even when […]

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Day 1

Well, after riding about 70 miles and experiencing some of the cruel landscape PA has to offer, I finally arrived at my endpoint where I laid on the ground to wait for my ride. I’ll ignore the fact that a RiteAid employee asked if I was ok, and after refusing to move to the grass, […]

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The Night Before

Finally settled into the first night before the biking begins tomorrow, and we were greeted on the eastern portion of the state with a very generous amount of rain, but thankfully the forecast calls for decent weather tomorrow. I read over the article on Times Online just a few moments ago, and they had pretty […]

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Besides the usual problems that I have been considering that might come along with this bike ride (flat tires, rain, injuries, getting lost, getting attacked by someone, getting captured by someone, getting hit by a car, getting sunburn, running out of money, cell phone dying, etc) I have discovered a new, unique challenge awaits me […]

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Bike Ride Sneak Peek

This was a test to see how the GoPro worked, and also how to do some basic video editing, so enjoy! If you have any questions involving gear or anything of that sort, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to fill you in. Thanks!

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy-o! Thanks for being there to teach me how to (and how not to) do things and for being there for me when I need help with things like operating power tools and other masculine things I never really had an affinity for. I really do appreciate all that you’ve […]

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Wisdom Teeth

So I just got my wisdom teeth out, and I’ve got to say, that anesthesia is some pretty powerful stuff. I can never spell anesthesia correctly. Oh well. Currently in a moderate amount of pain, but with my wits enough to be able to blog. I really appreciate the fact that I can still type […]

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I think today was the day I realized that, although schools appreciate great scores on standardized tests, it isn’t everything and shouldn’t be used as a guide line as to whether or not I should apply for a school. I am slowly starting to make progress on what colleges I want to apply to, and […]

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Thinking about making a music video for my ride, and this is should definitely make an appearance in it.

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