Besides the usual problems that I have been considering that might come along with this bike ride (flat tires, rain, injuries, getting lost, getting attacked by someone, getting captured by someone, getting hit by a car, getting sunburn, running out of money, cell phone dying, etc) I have discovered a new, unique challenge awaits me on the roads and trails of PA: documentation. Obviously I am going to want to record/document this ride in some shape or form, but I am just beginning to realize how difficult this might be. I have a mandatory time log/journal I need to maintain for the actual Senior Project, I have the GoPro for any events that I deem to be interesting, I have my personal journal that I would like to take with me, and finally I would like to do a daily blog post about the day for each of the seven days. This might be a problem, but I think I’ll find a way.

If you are worried about my safety, you wouldn’t be alone. I wonder if this ride will be harder for me or my mom, because she is probably a nervous wreck. As for myself, I am not all that worried about anything except for getting hit by a car or encountering that blasted rain. If you live in western PA you know that it has rained for about six or seven straight days in the recent past, so hopefully that is Mother Earth just getting it out of her system. I can only hope.

Nevertheless, I am beyond excited to be doing this, and I can’t wait for Sunday. Wish me luck!

Also, if you live around where I do, someone from the paper is supposed to come interview me tomorrow about my ride, so that’s pretty rad.

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