The Night Before

Finally settled into the first night before the biking begins tomorrow, and we were greeted on the eastern portion of the state with a very generous amount of rain, but thankfully the forecast calls for decent weather tomorrow. I read over the article on Times Online just a few moments ago, and they had pretty much all of the information correct (even my extremely lanky height and weight for dramatic purposes) except for the statement that I hope to average 10 miles an hour or more. I think I was referring to hill-riding, and not in general. I hope I average more than 10 miles an hour, for my sake. Otherwise I like the way the article was written, especially the quote that will probably end up on my tombstone:

“It’s pretty cool.”

I almost got away with remembering everything I needed, except for…socks… I have 2 pairs of large, thick wool socks and nothing else. What a cruel, hilarious fate. Thankfully I realized before we started or I’d be going across the state with nothing but those massive things.
Nevertheless, pretty excited to get out there tomorrow and get some miles in!

7 thoughts on “The Night Before

  1. Greg..hope you have an amazing ride..stay safe, keep your eyes on the road and remember the reason for the ride!!! We are all so proud of you. Steve & Cindy Hovanec


  2. It’s pretty cool that you are doing this ride for a great cause. I feel for your mom and the week ahead for her. I will be praying for her and for your safety. I am also looking forward to checking in on your way. Be safe and enjoy the ride! Yvonne Walbek

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  3. What you’re doing…. It’s so cool!!!!
    This makes me so happy. I have a three year old little boy and I totally hope he is as cool as you when he’s a high school senior- caring about the needs of others, meaningful things, and knowing what is important in life.

    My papa has Alzheimer’s. It’s one of the most painful things my grandmother has to live with on a daily basis. They’ve been married for 57 years, sometimes he cannot remember her name. He gets confused and then emotionally upset.

    Your mom did an awesome job.
    Xoxox be safe

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    1. I’m glad I can bring some happiness to your day, that really makes me feel great! It’s people like you that keep my motivation up, even if it is raining πŸ˜‰
      I can defiantly relate to your family situation, but sadly there is nothing we can do but appreciate what we have left… yet at least.
      Thanks again! Your support is very much appreciated! 😊


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