Day 1

Well, after riding about 70 miles and experiencing some of the cruel landscape PA has to offer, I finally arrived at my endpoint where I laid on the ground to wait for my ride. I’ll ignore the fact that a RiteAid employee asked if I was ok, and after refusing to move to the grass, I rested comfortably on the sidewalk to wait for my ride. Boy, was that sidewalk comfortable.
So. Day 1 is complete, and I am honestly whooped. The hills were pretty bad and the headwinds stopped me from accelerating on the downhills. I thought that was pretty awkward. It rained for the first portion of the ride, but luckily it cleared up and… was suddenly very hot. There really is no in between…
People on the roads were decently polite today, so I can’t complain too much about that, but some of the shoulders were… wait… what shoulder? That was the exact question I asked myself when I was faced with such a challenge, but all in all the roads were pretty good.
Well, tomorrow’s mileage isn’t nearly as bad as today’s, so that’s a plus, and now I get to eat and eat and drink and eat some more and sleep.
Day 1 down, 6 more to go!

5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Many St. Titus people are keeping you in our prayers. On Wednesday Bob and I plan to go to Cross Country conditioning. We will share your posts and ask for continued good wishes and prayers be sent your way. ST. TITUS and CROSS country on your side(“got your back” against those headwinds)…see a theme here? Keep in up Gregory!

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