Day 5

From bad shoulders and inconsiderate construction vehicle drivers, I have finally made it to the trails. I actually smiled and started laughing to myself when my tires hit that packed gravel pathway, because I knew the worst was behind me. No more worrying about getting attacked by dogs or getting that deep, worried feeling in your gut when you hear a diesel engine roar 8 feet past you at 50 mph. It takes a huge mental load off, but now I have to deal with the monotony of the trail, which I think I can deal with. I’m already insane, anyways.

The weather has been more than pleasant today, and now that I consider it, for most of the past days. Hopefully that keeps up.
Waking up this morning in the hammock was an interesting experience because even though I have camped in a hammock before, I never woke up at such an early hour when the dew is still very thick in the air and the cold moisture clings to your bones. I wasn’t cold for long though, let’s just say that.
I made some serious time on the last 18-20 miles or so of trail, my only limitation being a lower back pain and hydration. I’ve been very lucky when it comes to soreness. The first day was the worst, but it seems like ever since my legs have been feeling fine, it’s just my rear end and my back that get to me. It’s all manageable though.
Well, day five  is done and I’m finally on my way home. Only two more left.




9 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. All right now, one more day to go! Don’t let your guard down because those street crossings on the trail can be as dangerous as a highway shoulder. C’mon West Virginia.

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