The Follow Up

Usually before I start to write a blog post I have a pretty good idea about what I’m going to say, and what I want to address. I have been thinking about this post for quite awhile now and there is something very elusive about it, in the sense that I can’t quite figure out how to sum up an entire week of experiences in one short post. This trip was overwhelmingly retrospective, that’s for sure. On the roads by myself in the middle of nowhere I often questioned my motives for as to why I should want to put myself through something like this. Then I looked back, and remembered: This trip wasn’t about me or what I was able to do with my body, it was to represent and support something bigger, something much more important than experiencing a few hours of discomfort every day. While I did view the trip as a personal experience, I needed to keep in mind that I was doing this for something much larger than myself. I had to make sure I kept that in the back of my mind, but it did turn into a personal adventure along with the primary, more important purpose of the ride.

I learned more than I could have possibly wanted in this past week. When I tried to pin point any one lesson that stood out above the rest I had a difficult time conjuring one. I slowly realized, however, that although this feeling of having gained nothing was present, there was certainly something there. I learned that when one feels like they gained nothing from an experience, that means he/she has truly grown on a personal level. Having been exposed to so many different settings and so many different scenarios all melted together to settle silently into my mind, and now rests there permanently, even though I haven’t changed as a person (which is what I wanted to make sure of). There is no need to force yourself to change just because something has happened to you. If there is something about yourself that you want to change, then change it, but never should it come down to forcing change upon something that you view is correct. That is what experiences are for. They truly are the ultimate teachers, and they are there not to force change but to expose you to ideas that you have previously missed, and to add point of views that you have previously thought impossible. I can’t describe what I’ve learned to another person because everyone has different opinions and morals from their own experiences, and to share what I extracted from an experience would be an insult to the lesson the experience holds. So, here is my advice:

Go out and experience the world for yourself. Go places where nobody else wants to and learn what secrets those hidden teachers have to offer. Although they may be strict and painful at times, the lessons they teach will never lead you astray because they reach deeper and speak louder than anything you could read or hear from someone else. Be adventurous, and the lessons will come without studying.

Thank you for everything. There is so much thanks to go around to everyone who has supported me, from the people who I don’t even know personally to my own mother and father, I appreciate every single person who has had a part in any way, big or small, in this expedition. It means more than you can imagine to myself and my family. Thank you, and stay adventurous.

8 thoughts on “The Follow Up

  1. are wise beyond your years….growing as a person does happen over time and you hit the nail on the is from experiences. To make it happen you are so right..we have to come out of the box..our lil comfort zone and reach for the stars in new settings. It makes us squirm a bit ..getting to our goals is a lil messy in the middle but once we achieve them we fill up with pride. And it has been our pleasure watching you reach your raised so much money for an important cause that affects so many of our loved ones. You rock Greg..and your mom and dad and everyone following you have grown this you made us squirm…sleeping on a hammock…just glad you didn’t get attacked by a Raccoon or a Bear. Rest and have fun the rest of the summer. Cindy Hovanec

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  2. Sometimes you win sometimes you learn… You learned much. Greg , you have changed all experiences change us in a small way or large… Your travel for those who now travel in way we do not understand is monumental take a bow young man 🙏🏻 job well done… ! “Oh, the places you will go” …
    Where do I send the donation ?


  3. Lol … You had to break the rule Greg Gatorade was invented for the professional athlete … You sir are a professional athlete 😎

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