I don’t know how people can deal with the pressure of having their phones with them in school. What if you got caught? What if you accidentally turned on the sound? With my luck mine would jump out of my bag and kill someone. Gotta be careful about that stuff.

Beginning of Senior Year

Whoop-whoop. Well, this is finally it. Really excited for all the opportunities this year is going to hold and, as expected, can’t wait to move on with my life, no matter how frightening that sounds. Here’s to 179 more days of stress and fatigue *clinks glass*

Thanks to everyone who came to the presentation about my ride, and thanks to BF Jones Memorial Library for inviting me to speak!

I don’t know a ton about politics but I do know that if Donald Trump is elected president bad things are bound to come.

I’m ready for snow like PA has never seen before. I didn’t sign up for this humidity 0.o