RIT Campus Visit

Went to visit Rochester Institute of Technology today. The campus was absolutely amazing, as well as the programs they had to offer. I’ve been thinking more and more (to the point of near sickness) about my future and what I want with the rest if my life and I’ve come to realize that I am a confused and nervous kid. I’m trying to be excited about what college might hold but I can’t get past the worrying and competition that seems to be instilled into the college process. I talked to the professor of physics and astronomy there (a very nice guy) and I don’t think going a full blown route in physics is for me due to the lab work that comes along with it. I just can’t invision myself working in a lab, I don’t think. I’m thinking about game design and development. Who knows. I do know that I don’t want to go for business. That much is certain.

One thought on “RIT Campus Visit

  1. Try not to over think it.,. U are a bright young man… Trust in yourself … You have done a good job at making good choices so far… Believe in yourself 😎be cool! Mrs. S


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