HYPEHYPE Week one day one starts tomorrow at 10am! Here’s the article version of that video Such a shame I will be in school when the broadcast starts, but I will be there in spirit. Here is an EXCELLENT article for predictions and what-not written by members of Riot, outlining who they think will move […]


Legends Rising: Video Series

So, like the “Road to Worlds” series that was released last year, Riot has unveiled these 6 videos in a documentary series that, although you may be hesitant to watch due to length, will be worth every minute of it. Featured players include: Faker, Bjergsen, Uzi, brTT, xPeke, and SwordArt. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode […]

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Today’s Recap: Worlds 2015

So I’ve determined that, since school is something that can’t be ignored, and since there is so much news all the time for Worlds, everything that was announced during the day will be summarized in a “Today’s Recap: Worlds 2015” post, since being a full-time blogger and high school student do not work together. Anyways, […]

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