Worlds 2015: Finals Results

Despite dropping one game to KOO Tigers in the finals, SKT T1 completely dominated this year’s bracket and took the cup in Berlin today. Super exciting games to watch if you ever get the chance. Hopefully next year we will see some NA teams move on a bit further, but there are still many games […]

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Semi-Finals Day One: Results

Well, the desired all-EU finals aren’t going to happen. That’s a shame. Results Was really hoping for an OG win, but even though they gave SKT some pressure in their games, it wasn’t enough sadly. Not really sure who I’m rooting for now, kind of would be cool to see SKT take it (which is […]

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Last Brush Creek Race

Had an awesome time at the last Brush Creek Race of my high school career, coming in at 17:52. I’m sure I’m gonna miss this place somewhere, deep in my heart. Very deep. It’s actually awful. Sometimes. Thanks to all the underclassmen and my fellow seniors for dealing with me for the past few years, […]

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It’s Getting Closer

*looks at calendar* Oh no. It’s almost November. College is quickly approaching in a way that sort of contradicts itself. People say that time flies when you are in your senior year of high school, but just because I get the sensation that I am going fast doesn’t mean I’m not going fast like I […]

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Day Four: Worlds 2015

Well, week one is over, and let’s just admire the amount of upsets that have occurred in the past few days. EU and NA have really proven themselves, beating some of the higher ranked teams. Cloud 9 especially, really proving themselves and disproving othersĀ on a massive scale. TSM as well, overcoming the predicted powerhouse LGD. […]

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