It’s Getting Closer

*looks at calendar*

Oh no. It’s almost November.

College is quickly approaching in a way that sort of contradicts itself. People say that time flies when you are in your senior year of high school, but just because I get the sensation that I am going fast doesn’t mean I’m not going fast like I would be on a roller-coaster heading straight for a pit of angry sharks, or even worse, more college applications. I’m starting to realize how the whole thing works, I think. All you have to do (and this information is completely toll-free) is to take your ego and *wait for it* expand it to the size of whatever works to sound good on paper. I am having a really hard time with this, honestly, because although I have done some things, there are plenty of others who have done just as much if not more. I try to think what more I could have done but I feel like what mental sanity I have left would be completely diminished if I took another step. I just hope that, when graduation rolls around, I will be happy with how things turned out, because right now, I am 100% terrified of the next few months. I hope I can use that as motivation. Wish me luck friends 😛

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