A Day at 4:30am

Well, tried it out this morning which was… wait… 18 hours ago. Pretty crazy stuff, but if your not crazy, your not having fun amiright? I got pretty motivated this morning by setting my alarm to wake me up to Michael Buble’s Let It Snow  and then proceeded to eat, work out, and shower, all while […]

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#21earlydays Challenge

Filipe Castro Matos gave a TEDx Talk about waking up at 4:30am every day for 21 days and some advantages of it. Thinking about giving it a shot. Not sure if it is a safe/smart idea considering the whole student thing but hey, who knows, I might enjoy it. We’ll see.

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Pray for Paris

As I am sure many of you have already hear, there was a horrific terroristic attack last night in Paris, where at least 128 lives were taken by ISIS. President Hollande placed Paris into a state of emergency yesterday, and he takes these attacks as an act of war against France. I feel like this […]

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A Tough Decision

So today I have solidified my decision to not swim this year. I talked to my swim coach personally and discussed it with him and he was surprisingly supportive of my decision, but we both agreed that I had to do what was best for me, and it just so happens that I am and […]

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College Stufff

Almost ready to send in all of my applications for the #nextchapter and the #imsoready experience. Just kidding, not sure how I feel about going off to college, it just seems to competitive to be a good time. Then again, when isn’t schooling competitive? I just hope I’m happy with wherever I end up. That’s […]

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