How to Deal With Milk, Specifically on a Keyboard

I said I would never do it again.

I have a really bad habit of, when doing anything on my computer, to drink things. Now, this wouldn’t be bad except I place my drinks, when not being consumed, directly between myself and the keyboard in that delicate gap between comfort and total electronic destruction. It has happened before that, when doing this, I have spilled water on my keyboard. No big deal, just let it dry out (a great tip by the way: if you don’t plug it back in for awhile and maybe get a blow drier to help with the drying out and let it sit, it will mossttt likely work when plugged back in). This time, however, it was milk. All I wanted was some swiss rolls and milk, but of course I spazed and then before I knew it I was no longer in my League of Legends game, my computer was making weird noises, and I was directed to the Microsoft blue screen of death. I thought this was it. I set my milk down on the ground so I wouldn’t hurt anything else, quickly unplugged my keyboard, and as I was frantically going around the back of my desk to undo some wires I kick over the milk onto the carpet. Wonderful. So, under prioritization I shake out my keyboard, letting the milk in the carpet go for now, break out the hair drier, and after awhile (should have done this earlier) I rinsed it out by pouring water over my keyboard. While that settled I cleaned up my desk from the incident and of course the moist carpet. After awhile I try it out.¬†Nothing. This was it. My trusty keyboard was finally dead.

BUT THE LIGHT SHONE THROUGH. Today in school my mom texted me and said it worked with her laptop and would you look at that I plugged that baby in and it worked like a charm, and I am happily typing away on it right now. There is a distinct resistance to the keys now, though, but it is something I can certainly deal with. All in all, if you ever spill milk on your keyboard, the best bet is to immediately rinse it out with some cool water, blow dry it, and turn it over and pray for the best.

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