Why Sleeping In Can Be Disgusting

I’ve always had a mixed relationship with sleep. I love sleep, and right now  I could probably sleep for a good 14 hours straight but 5 hours must be enough because I’m still alive and the education system has done nothing to change the zombies we have turned into, but that’s beside the point. Usually when I have a day on the weekend when I can actually sleep in I either wake up somewhat earlier, or I sleep until 10-11. Now, even though it may seem better to catch up on sleep, I find that I am actually more drowsy if I sleep in as opposed to waking up early. Here is the biggest part I HATE about sleeping in: I cannot STAND that feeling of wasting a day. Ewwwwewefefafew. It makes me shiver. If you sleep in until 11, heck, the day is almost over. And what were you doing? Absolutely nothing.  I just feel like I wasted all of those hours when I could have been doing productive things like running or homework or somethinggg else besides being a potato. Maybe I’m just to nervous and stressed out about wasting time. Maybe I have too much going on. But then again, I’d rather be busy than bored, and I’d rather be productive than be a potato.

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