Relieving Stress

I find it ironic that, when writing this article, I am now experiencing excess amounts of stress. It might be because it is nearly midnight and I have only scratched my studies, or maybe it is because I haven’t gotten more than 6 or so hours of sleep each night this week, or maybe because my GPS ran out of battery today and I had to run 6 miles on the track (I can’t begin to describe the mental agony that comes along with running 24 consecutive laps in a circle). Whatever it is, I have found a good way to relieve stress, at least at this moment, it to listen to classical music. I have been listening to Beethoven for about 5 hours straight at this point in the night, and it really helps actually. I think the other reason I stress to much is because of my procrastination. However, there is a distinct difference between putting things off and genuinely having no time to get things done. I am kind of in between on that one, but I will admit I could be much better. Another great way to relieve stress and anxiety is to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Stress comes from worry and worry comes from the fear of failure, so indirectly stress can be a good thing, it keeps us in check. Or up until 2am. Still not sure which one.

Whatever is worrying you at this point in your life just remember that there is probably someone else out there that has it way worse than you do, and there is a person worse than that and so on down the line until you reach… the most stressed person in the world? Logically, it could happen, but I can’t even imagine. I bet Obama is up there on the list. That would suck pretty bad.

Anyways, there really is no cure. It’s called being a human and frankly, I don’t want to be cured of my human characteristics any time soon. So keep on being human and carry on, knowing that Christmas is just around the bend. Happy holidays folks.

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