Some Political Ranting

So if you know me in person, or if you have seen the campaign pins that live on the strap of my book bag, you know that I am a Bernie supporter. For the first time in my life, I have taken an interest in politics or, for that matter, anything history related (with thanks to Hamilton) and the combination of these two sudden interests have created a figurative sandstorm of ideas and opinions that are as individual and fast moving as one such particle in this tempest. This is exactly how I feel, however. With news stories, articles, and videos being uploaded literally every single hour (if not every minute), each of which filled to the brim with someone else’s opinions on the same subject, it is extremely overwhelming to process every idea and evaluate it as an individual. It is so hard to tell the difference between right and wrong because everyone that posts such a news story, article or video is telling you something that is, in all likelihood, biased. Even though I haven’t been in this game long, I have sense enough to realize that everyone is trying to trick you into believing what they believe. This is extremely disheartening, not only because it makes me think that there are no true morals or humanity in politics anymore (if there ever was), just who wants the most power, and because it is often very hard to sift through those people who are genuine and those who are power hungry or just die-hard opinionated.

I have also been informed that it is a good thing that I am at least involved and aware of what is happening in our country, which is pretty much one of the only ideas I take refuge in when I am hit with another update about the campaign. The thing that scares me is the people out there that don’t investigate or become involved because not only does that defy the purpose of democracy, but it also leaves them prey to the media I was referring to before, and they become literal putty in the hands of whatever commercial or propaganda they see. I thank Mr. Sanders for getting me involved with politics, and I attribute my political involvement to the passion of those that support him and those who are trying to make young people more involved.

I have discovered that, with this new found passion for politics, I am not a passive (or moderate) person when it comes to my opinions. If you have had conversations with me about these sorts of things you can tell this by listening to how my vocal volume increases in a statement and how I am nearly shouting by the time I end a point. Since I am also a Democrat, people that oppose me accuse me of being pro-communism or a “Bernie Radical.” My “socialistic” opinions scare some people on the other end of the spectrum, and I have found that, just as I stand behind my opinions, there are also those who will stand just as strongly one the other side, which is rather disheartening at times. It makes me angry, to say the least. It makes me angry to see that people support immigration hatred to the point where fanatics are literally shouting “Build that wall!” in public by the thousands, and yet still claim to be a citizen of a nation that was essentially founded by some immigrants (thank you Hamilton). It makes me angry that the majority of people in some states and regions want a racist, homophobic, and misogynistic president to represent America, and then expect other countries to take us seriously, let alone pay for a wall (good luck with that). It makes me angry to see statistics of concentrated wealth yet also see statistics of widespread poverty, and that those who are abusing the system we have in place are blinded by greed and pretend to be decent people. It makes me angry to see riots and violence as a result of political opinion, and that morals have fallen off the face of the earth into some distant layer of the underworld, leaving civilized political discourse abandoned. Lastly (but not really lastly, I’m angry about many things, I have found) I am angry to see a nation of states, supposedly united under “liberty and justice for all” being torn apart by unrest and inequality. All I have to say is that, if Donald Trump gets elected, we better find one hell of a poet to rewrite a pledge in elegant enough prose to not make any decent person sick to their stomach.

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