Sunset Photography and CLOUDS

Got really lucky with the western PA sunset last night, managed to catch it at just the right time and place. I’m not going to take many more pictures at this same place of the sunset but DON’T WORRY I just need to find more sunset destinations. Also, with my newfound interest in photography, I […]

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Night Sky Photography

The clouds kind of ruined my parade tonight, but I was still able to get some decent shots, some of them including Mars (down to the right of the moon, the little red dot). Still figuring out how to work the shutter speed/aperture settings on the camera, so bear with me as I patiently wait […]

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Photography By Greg

In the slump before I head off to college, I have decided that instead of doing the worst possible thing (nothing) I am going to try my hand at some  amature photography, with some simple editing and what not. Hopefully this will add some spice to my regular yard work/running/video game monotany that I have […]

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Orlando Mass Shooting

“The largest mass shooting in U.S. history…” I can’t even imagine how someone could bring themselves to commit a deed as horrible as this. To have complete and utter ignorance for the lives of others and their families, and to extinguish the flame that was once a part of a family is something only a […]

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French Braid Adventures

Embracing my long hair lifestyle and finally learning how to French Braid, thanks to some mother-son bonding time. Needless to say I’m awful, but I WILL CONQUER THIS MESS I HAVE GROWN, OR SO HELP ME. Will upload some pictures of my next attempt.

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High School Graduation Post

After waiting for all of the pictures to come in, I have finally established a High School Graduation post, deeming it a necessary component of the life of this webpage. After working my butt off this past year, I managed to get the honorable position of Salutatorian, a position I couldn’t be happier with, nor could […]

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