Helped out one of my friends who’s in photography by “modelling” for one of her assignments. Lots of bike riding, so it was a cardio shoot I suppose. Nevertheless, some great work, so thanks! In other news, all is well (for the most part) but also extremely busy, so brevity is major key. Yup.

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The First Week: An Analysis

Shower shoes suck, my diet has undergone a 360 turn (with a kickflip), and I’m as busy as a beaver (one that also has a financial agenda). So much has happened in the last week it’s hard to play back exactly how much has happened, but one thing is for damn sure: I loathe shower shoes. […]

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WNY Bike Adventure 2016

Despite having four flat tires and dealing with abnormally frustrating headwinds, we made it to the Falls and back safely and in great spirits! Got a chance to see a large part of the Erie Canal, and met some great people along the way. The Maid of the Mist was a fantastic experience and the […]

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Settled In

Everything is falling into place in Peterson, and, most importantly, Internet connectivity has been established 😉 Heading off on a three day bike ride tomorrow morning to Niagara Falls with some faculty/freshmen! Fingers crossed for clear skies and cool weather!

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Move In Day

Leaving behind the comforts of home for a brand new adventure with new people and new experiences. Gonna miss everyone, but the the world is meant to be explored, so I’m gonna get out there and show the world (aka the greater Rochester area) what I’ve got. Wish me luck XD Here’s a song that I thought […]

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10 Days Until Move In

The anticipation grows, and with it, the sense of a peculiar type of doom and horror that can only be described by the feeling you get when you are driving and you are encountering a stoplight and it’s turning yellow but you think you can make it but you know you can’t but you do […]

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