10 Days Until Move In

The anticipation grows, and with it, the sense of a peculiar type of doom and horror that can only be described by the feeling you get when you are driving and you are encountering a stoplight and it’s turning yellow but you think you can make it but you know you can’t but you do it anyways. Yeah. That’s about where I am right now.

Otherwise, I’m super excited to head off. I’m looking forward to the new environment and meeting new people, even though I will miss my PA friends dearly, but life goes on and I am sure that we will keep in touch, so no worries there.

I also realized that my “College” tag is super outdated, the last entry being from a Susquehanna visitation lol so there’s that. I guess this is the beginning of a new era in that tag, which is cool.

I am pretty much packed, except for… well… now that I think about it… I need to get moving on that because I have never really packed for something like this before and being prepared is always a good thing I guess. So much to do, and far too much time to think about doing it. ‘Tis the folly of man.

I am looking forward to blogging my college adventures, and for sharing with everyone what a 4-year college program will do to an adolescent male on the brink on (hopefully) doing something great 🙂

Useful information: I am planning on majoring in Imaging Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Or not useful. Information is a cognitive prank.

Also, here’s a video of me trolling a scumbag internet scammer: 


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