Fam Visit

Super glad I got to see my family this past weekend, thanks for making the haul up to RIT! ❤   Also, it has officially been four academic weeks since I have used MLA formatting. Good thing that’s what I was taught for four years in high school. Good. Good Stuff. Studies continue. Sleep sort … More Fam Visit

Week #3

A bit late, but at least my homework wasn’t. *zing* I was thinkin’… the whole “week by week” thing might not work out in the end. I mean, think about how many weeks I am going to be in college for *pause for cringe* and think about how tedious that would get. I aint bout … More Week #3

The Second Week

Labor Day weekend is coming to a close, and we all know what that means. It’s that point in the year when everything turns into biblical times when Moses led his people across the desert; aka the next break isn’t until Thanksgiving and we are in for a ride. A fun ride, however. Something like when you … More The Second Week