Week #3

A bit late, but at least my homework wasn’t. *zing*

I was thinkin’… the whole “week by week” thing might not work out in the end. I mean, think about how many weeks I am going to be in college for *pause for cringe* and think about how tedious that would get. I aint bout dat. I like to keep it spicy here at gregnero.com as you can see. But yeah. That whole week thing is probably gonna go out the metaphorical window, a trend that can also be modeled by my amount of free time per unit week. Let’s just hope that, by the end, I’m functioning. Ok well that’s the end of gregnero.com I’d say that about did it for me so long.



Just kidding, what’s a website without horrific puns. Heck. I’m a professional blogger at this point in my life. I’ll have you know that, *enter credentials here* and so by that logic I have the right to post puns as I do please. And alliterate. You know what. I’m pretty tired. Best of wishes to you glorious folks who are following me on this spiritual journey. It’s gonna be gr8. 🙂

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