Like Father Like Son

  Not too shabby for an old guy ūüėČ   Congrats on doing what most people would only ever talk about, and for making a dream a reality. That takes some serious guts. Looking forward to hearing your stories in person, but until then, work on that tan. ‚̧

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Almost There!

A special happy birthday/update post for my awesome dad as he approaches the end of his journey! Couldn’t be more proud/impressed of you for doing this, especially with¬†your¬†knees ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Enjoy the rest of the ride!    

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Not in Kansas Anymore!

Toto has since passed away from heat exhaustion and extensive cardiovascular stress, but my dad is still chugging along through the heart of our nation! Always in our thoughts pops, keep up the great work! “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”  

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How’s it Goin

My academic adviser pretty much asked me to reconsider joining so many clubs. Listen, I thought that it was¬†encouraged¬†to join clubs, so why do you gotta do me like that and get me all self-conscious about my schedule? I like to be involved. I’ll rest when I die, thank you, and as far as I’m […]

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Wanderings of Walley: 1

Position: Missouri, along the Missouri River.  All is well with our adventurer! Headwinds have been rough as of recent from what I have been told, but altogether a great time out there! Have fun on the trails! We’re rooting for ya pops, keep it up!

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